Few Summer Jobs For Students



Few Summer Jobs For Students
By Tony Hensley

Some people are out of work and it has nothing to do with the devestating storms.  A devastated economy is to blame, instead. When you factor in teens who are out of school looking for summer work it makes for a big job struggle.  Many students looking for seasonal work find themselves competing against some unlikely people for even the easiest of jobs.Jobs that at one time were easy to find.

You know Summer has officially arrived when you start seeing help wanted signs in every window. But help wanted signs are not as plentful as in times past. And that made it difficult for High School student Amanda Clark to find her job at K-Mart in Cape Girardeau. A job that came after months of searching.

Amanda Clark says "It was difficult to try and find a job right out of High School because all the positions were already taken".   Not only challenging for Amanda but for Assistant Manager Pamela Raney as well.

Raney says K-Mart *is* hiring a few people for seasonal help right now. But a low turn over with employees does keep them from having a lot openings. Raney says especially when it comes to cash register work.

Pamela Raney says "It's been difficult because you'll call them in for interviews and some will show up and some don't and some will call and say they already had another job interview and are going somewhere else and your back were you have to start again trying to get people in for interviews".

Goldie Green has worked here for several years and says the new technology can get pretty tough. But that doesn't stop her from remaining in the work force.  Goldie Green says "I like to keep working because I want to stay busy and I like working here and I need the money".

Several places said they weren't hiring seasonal help. But a few places that didn't have a help wanted sign in the window actually had a few positions open.