Man rescued after wandering into the woods

By Heartland News

OBION COUNTY, TN (KFVS) - Emergency crews rescued a McConnell, TN man after he wandered into some woods on Wednesday.

The man's wife told officials that her 51-year-old husband walked into a corn field and then into the woods. She kept in touch with him by cell phone until he no longer answered.

After approximately three hours of searching on foot and with four wheelers provided by the rescue squad, police and fire officials found the man. He was located in dense woods on the north side of the John C. Jones Parkway in South Fulton, Tennessee.

Reports say he was conscious and alert but suffered from unstable vital signs.  The patient was assisted out of the woods and to the edge of the cornfield by walking and riding a four wheeler.

The patient was transported to Parkway Regional Hospital. Officials say the man has a history of depression.

The South Fulton Police Department, Fulton Police Department, and the Twin City Ambulance Service helped in the search for the man. Officials from the Fulton and South Fulton Fire Departments, the Obion County Sheriff's Department and the Obion County Rescue Squad also helped in the search and rescue.

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