Mayor at Center of Morality Debate





Mayor at Center of Morality Debate
By: Randall Kamm

(Pinckneyville, IL)--It's an unusual political platform, but the mayor of Pinckneyville is supporting oil wrestling and wet t-shirt contests. 

It's happening at Shirk's Banquet Center and Lounge in Pinckneyville.

One of the owners is Ron Shirk, who is also the town's mayor.

Shirk says his town must evolve, and bringing adult entertainment to Pinckneyville keeps people from going out of town to spend their money.  "It's a little crude, but everyone has a good time and there's no nudity," says Mayor Shirk.

Pastor Paul Ritter doesn't like it, and has asked the city council to pass an ordinance prohibiting adult entertainment in Pinckneyville.

"Even though it may not be against the law, it's immoral. We don't want that kind of entertainment here. It will not build families. It's not pleasing to God," says Pastor Ritter.
 The mayor says he owns less than 5-percent of the nightclub that bears his name.

The pastor says he has more than 450 signatures on a petition to rid Pinckneyville of what he calls "lewd" entertainment.