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Daughter of Ripley County murder victim speaks out

By Crystal Britt

DONIPHAN, MO (KFVS) - It's a story that continues to take wild twists and turns...the homicide cases out of Ripley County.

First, there were the deaths of 81 year old Ed Atkinson and 69 year old Bonnie Chase earlier this month.

Both were found dead in a burned out home. Four people are now charged in connections with their deaths.

David Youngblood, Melissa Youngblood, Chantale Younblood, and Keith Boyles all face murder and arson charges.

Those same four are now prime suspects in the deaths of another elderly couple, Loyd and Irene Piatt, whose bodies were exhumed this week after investigators believed they were murdered.

The coroner says they didn't die of smoke inhalation when their home caught fire and burned to the ground.

Preliminary autopsy results showed they were shot to death.

The suspects are related to the Piatt's. 

They haven't been charged yet with the Piatt's case, but Irene Piatt's family is crushed with the mere accusation.

"I was raised by a Godly mother, and I am so thankful," said Linda Mabary-Irene Piatt's Daughter.

Mabary is Irene Piatt's only living child.

She says she's beyond devastated.

"I didn't have any idea at all that there could have been foul play," said Mabary.

The Piatt's were buried last month, their deaths believed to have been caused by smoke inhalation.

A neighbor says mysteriously the Piatt's home outside Doniphan caught fire a week later leaving virtually nothing left.

No trespassing signs were placed around the property, neighbors say by David Youngblood-Irene Piatt's nephew.

According to Linda Mabary David,  her cousin, reached out to her around the time of the Piatt's funerals.

She says he let her stay at his home, cooked for her, and comforted her. 

"When I needed someone to cry to he came to the motel room so I could. I'm totally in shock about all this," said Mabary.

Although not officially charged, David, his wife Melissa, their daughter Chantale, and her boyfriend Keith Boyles are considered suspects in the Piatt's deaths.

"It's completely totally out of the world. I can't fathom it, " said Mabary,

Now while she continues to grieve her mother and stepfather's death she's now rocked with accusations that nearly leaves her speechless.

Linda says only God can get her through this nightmare.

"I can't understand why he'd want to hurt mother. I really can't understand," said Mabary.

 Again the Youngbloods and Boyles have not been charged in connection with the Piatt's deaths.

We understand though charges in that case are expected this coming week.

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