Afternoon update: Body found in car, Chief dep. goes to court

A co-op worker found a body in this car near Dutchtown.
A co-op worker found a body in this car near Dutchtown.
Chief Deputy Todd Fort walks to the courtroom.
Chief Deputy Todd Fort walks to the courtroom.

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Here is what we are working on this afternoon for Heartland News at 5 and 6.

A co-op worker discovered a badly decomposed body in a car near Dutchtown this morning. Kathy Sweeney tells us more about the identity of the man found in the car with Pennsylvania plates.

A Saline County, IL Chief deputy appeared in court on sexual assault charges. Julia Bruck was there and tells us what happened.

An 8-year-old Mt. Vernon cancer survivor broke his leg rounding third base during a baseball game.  Doctors found a tumor. Tonight at 6, Carly O'Keefe tells us a story of courage, strength, and baseball.

The city of Poplar Bluff owns the cables through town that several internet providers use to provide service.  Now, the city isn't going to allow those providers to use the cables.  They have 86 days to come up with their own cables to be able to provide service to their customers.  Tyler Profilet tells us how this will effect customers in Poplar Bluff.

A group of bikers left Cape Girardeau this morning riding for a cause.  Zakk Gammon explains why they're riding to raise money for St. Jude.

The tragic story of the Heath school shooting is back in the news. A hearing has been set for the high school shooter who killed three classmates and wounded five others in West Paducah in 1997 will get a hearing in February to determine if a mental illness prevented him from appealing his guilty plea.

Hot, hot, hot!  Bob Reeves says the heat index for much of the Heartland is above 100 degrees! Watch tonight as Bob gives you the forecast for your weekend activities!

The Cards and Cubs played this afternoon! Who won while you were at work? Todd Richards will recap the game at 6!

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