Illinois likely to have two senate races on November ballot

By Heartland News

(KFVS) - A federal appellate court ruling makes it more likely that voters in Illinois will have two U.S. Senate races on the November ballot.

One of the races would be to choose an eight-week interim replacement for Senator Roland Burris. The other race would be to elect a senator for a full six-year term beginning in January.

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich appointed Burris to President Obama's former Senate seat in December of last year. That appointment came just weeks after Blagojevich's arrest on federal corruption charges.

State officials say it would be a logistical nightmare as well as a costly and needless expense to hold a special election as well as a regular election. They wanted an appeals court to order a rehearing on the matter, but the Seventh Court of Appeals rejected that appeal, so it looks like there will be two Senate races on the ballot.

Democrat Alexi Giannoulis and Republican Mark Kirk are the two main candidates for the six year term. Candidates for the eight week interim job have not yet been decided.

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