Sheriff's Office: Man's fake urine sample leads felony forgery charge

Gary Taylor (Source: Scott County Sheriff's Office)
Gary Taylor (Source: Scott County Sheriff's Office)

By Heartland News

BENTON, MO (KFVS) - A Benton man was charged with the class C felony of forgery after police say he provided a fake urine sample in jail after being arrested Tuesday afternoon.

Gary Taylor, 48, was arrested after the Scott County Sheriff's Office and Benton City Police served a search warrant at his home to investigate some children's welfare.

Concerns were raised regarding the children's safety after alleged reports of drug use were reported.

Investigators located several firearms and ammunition inside the residence. Taylor, a convicted felon, was placed under arrest and transported to the Scott County Jail.

Taylor was questioned about the alleged drug use and denied the accusations. He offered to provide a urine sample to prove his innocence.

Taylor provided the sample showing he did not have any drugs in his system. He was taken to a holding area where jail staff had him change into his jail uniform.

Taylor became combative and did not want to remove his clothing. During this time jail staff discovered Taylor had a bottle of urine wrapped in a heating pack taped to his upper thigh in an attempt to proved a false urine sample.

Scott County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Boyd suggested that although not commonly used in Missouri, Case Law found that a person who provides a false urine sample to law enforcement in order to conceal illegal drug use is guilty of forgery.

Taylor was charged with a class C felony of forgery, felony of unlawful possession of a firearm and a class A misdemeanor of delivery or concealment of prohibited articles in or about the premise of any county or private jail or other county correctional facility.

Bond was set at $15,000.

Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter said he believes being able to charge someone with a felony for providing a false urine sample with be a good tool and will be implemented as a new policy for his office.

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