Kentucky Voting Confusion

Kentucky Voting Confusion
By: CJ Cassidy
As voters prepare to head to the polls in the Bluegrass State Tuesday, election officers are worried some shake-ups on both sides could leave voters confused.

"On the Republican ticket Ernie Fletcher's running mate has changed," Lynn Lane, Ballard County Court Clerk said.  She says that's not a big deal, because anyone who votes for Ernie Fletcher will automatically vote for his new running mate, Steve Pence.

Lane is worried about Bruce Lunsford. Lunsford dropped out of the gubernatorial race Friday, but his name is still on the ballot.

Voters will be reminded by signs posted at all the precincts statewide that casting a vote for Bruce Lunsford will not be counted. But despite the signs, Lane still thinks there will be some votes cast for Lunsford.

"I think there will be some votes cast in his spot, especially when it comes to absentee ballots," Lane said. And voters we talked with still don't know about Lunsford's sudden, surprising exit. They say they just didn't pay a lot of attention to the news over the weekend.