Attorney of murder suspect speaks about dropped charges

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - A Jackson County judge frees the man charged with killing Falon Taylor.

On Monday Judge Ronald Eckiss dismissed the murder case against Elijah Lacy.  His attorney Paul Christenson says the prosecutors violated his clients rights to a speedy trial.

"There was no doubt that the prosecutors be seeking and obtaining an extra 60 days extension, had violated the speedy trial rights of my client," Christenson said.

Prosecutors asked for the delay because one of their witnesses was not available. The witness is in the National Guard and currently serving in Afghanistan.

Lacy's attorney says Illinois case law states that the prosecution can only be granted one 60 day extension to gather evidence in the case.

Christenson also responded to people who say his client was set free on a technicality.

"If you want to call your absolute constitutional right to a speedy trial a technicality. We prefer to think of it as a basis of our freedoms in this country. And our very basis of the judicial system itself."

The case now moves from a Jackson County courtroom to an appeals court. 

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