Father and Daughter Dead



Father and Daughter Dead
By: Tony Hensley

(Perryville, MO)--Police in one Heartland Community are still piecing together the evidence that lead up to the death of a father and his little girl. 

Perryville Police found the bodies of a young girl and her father on Saturday. 

Details are still sketchy as to what led up to the murder of the little girl, but
Police say they know how eight year old Kendra Swan died. But it was what happened before she was killed that had them looking for her father.

On Friday eight year old Kendra Swan's father picked her up for her usual weekend visitation. Kendra was supposed to spend the weekend with her father and her grandmother. But something went terribly wrong.

"She was a good little girl she didn't deserve to die," Nora said.  A 9-1-1 call from this house on Lucy Street early Saturday morning saying Kendra wasn't breathing brought police to the scene. Before authorities could reach the house little Kendra was already dead.

Police Chief Keith Tarrillion says "the cause of death on the victim was manual strangulation". But it was a disturbing scene that left Chief Tarrillion wondering what really happened.

"The initial findings is that there was some type of sexual assault that did occur. But as far as any further type of sexual assault we are not able to release that at this point until the exam is completed," Police Chief Keith Tarrillion said. 

When police starting questioning family members at the scene they began to search for Kendra's father. Police say the body of  26-year-old Jamie Swan was found here in this shed approximately 12 miles from were he and his daughter had been staying.

The Police Chief  Keith Tarrillion says "We found him deceased in the shed. It appears at this point that he had hanged himself from a tractor". 

A memorial fund will be set up at the First Bank of Chester to help bury Kendra Swan. 
Funeral arrangements for Kendra and Jamie Swan have not been set.