Does it Work Wednesday - Tasties greeting cards

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO  (KFVS) - Everyone knows lawyers can smell when something's funny. Let's see if the associates from the Limbaugh Law Firm can taste it, too.

American Greetings offers a new line of tasteable greeting cards with flavor strips inside the card that you lick. You can choose from donut, cupcake, chocolate and even a margarita!

"Smells like a vanilla cupcake," said lawyer Eric Bohl, our first tester.

Yes, but by the look on Eric's face, we bet it doesn't taste much like one.

"The texture is like a slimy piece of paper."

To be sure, he tastes the real thing. He pops in a real cupcake.

"This is about 100 times better than that."

Eric does like the novelty of this, at least, and says it mostly lives up to its promise to give you a taste of real food. We'll see how the other dissolvable strips taste.

Beverly Miller had a Bavarian-filled creme donut for breakfast. We'll see if the donut strip tastes similar. It does smell bakery fresh at least.

"No good texture like a donut has! No sprinkles!"

She's not too sure she'd buy put this card with gifts or in the mail.

"Depends on the cost. Occasionally I'd buy it, maybe for a good friend, but not every day."

She had to wash it down pretty quickly, too. Our next tester gets ready to sink her teeth--or tongue in this case--- into some chocolate.

"It does have a slimy taste to it."

Peggy Rellegert agrees this is a special-occasion card.

"I don't think it'd be worth the price of the card. I'd rather give someone a piece of chocolate."

And finally, we all know you can't drink on the job, but you could have a margarita in this sense! Samantha Keys is willing to taste, not sip, for us. She tried the margarita-flavored strip.

"There's a twang to it!"

I tried it, too, and folks, the tartness is eye-popping! Still, both Samantha and I agree this would be fun card to "give rather than receive." Your friends would probably get a kick out of watching your face as you taste this.

"If I received that in a card, I'd enjoy it."

So, is it worth paying between $4 and $6 for a few laughs?

"It's a neat little gimmick, but I'm going to buy all cards like that," said Eric Bohl.

"B minus," said Beverly.

"Probably a 'C', mostly because of the price of the card," said Peggy.

"Maybe a 'C," said Samantha.

Given the fact that you can buy the real donut, cupcake, chocolate and one cocktail at happy hour more cheaply than this card, I'd have to agree with my testers, but I will say the card itself seems to really taste just like the picture shows, minus the texture.

Tasties greeting cards have their cake and eat it, too, with a satisfactory 'C' on this Does it Work test.  The American Greetings Card web site says you can find Tasties at Wal-Mart, Sears, Toys 'r' Us, KMart, Dollar Tree and Big Lots stores.

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