Flash Flooding Frustrations

It seems as if the Heartland can't get a break from severe weather. In just a matter of weeks, flash flooding, hail, and even tornadoes have battered the region. Late Friday night into Saturday morning, heavy rains fell across parts of Graves County, causing flood waters to rise rapidly. "I walked out and the yard was covered," says Gladys Mason, "My car, my husband's car, my son's car, all got flooded. Even my grandson's little four wheel drive toy jeep washed away down 9th street, so if anyone sees it, please bring it back." A small creek in downtown Mayfield swelled over its banks, and rose into cars and even some homes in a ten block area. Out in the county, farmland got covered by the fast falling rain. Graves County Emergency Management Director Ronnie Lawson says thousand of acres of crops were covered and there's no telling how much the damages will cost. State, county, and city workers all banded together to help out with the flooding aftermath, and even rescued some people and their pets from the rising floodwaters.