Left Lane Legislation

Picture this...It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and you head out on the highway. When all of sudden, you get in the left lane to pass a slowpoke in front of you, only to be stuck behind another one..someone holding up traffic. That soon could be against the law in Illinois, if Governor Rod Blagojevich signs a bill recently approved by the House and Senate. The proposal would make it illegal to be in the left lane, unless the motorist is passing. "I though that's what it's for...passing," says frustrated driver Linda Abbott. "If you're gonna drive slow, stay in the right lane and stay out of the left lane." The law applies to highways, and has certain exemptions. If there's something blocking the right lane or it's covered by snow and ice, then it's ok to drive in the passing lane, until the right side becomes clear once again.