Malden family makes desperate plea for loved ones safe return

By Crystal Britt

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - A Malden family is searching for answers.

They're looking for 27-year-old Ashli Rauscher, and her six year old daughter Madison.

Police believe the two might be with Ashli's husband Chris who's been in and out of trouble with police.

No one has heard from Ashli since Wednesday, and as every hour passes with no phone calls or text messages they grow more and more concerned.

Family members believe 38 year old Chris Rauscher is running from trouble, and took his wife and daughter along.

"I just want to hug her," said Cora Gregory.

Gregory wants one thing right now, her granddaughter and great-granddaughter home safe and sound.

"I just want her to know she's (Ashli) always welcome to come home, and I pray she will," said Gregory.

No one really knows what happened, but police and family members have some theories.

It all goes back to June 8th, someone broke into Budget Mobile Homes in Dexter.

Police tell us someone cut the cables to the security cameras, and then later busted a window and kicked down a door.

That set off an alarm which likely scared off the suspect.

After officers reviewed the surveillance video, police say Chris Rauscher was seen cutting the wires.

Police couldn't prove though that he broke into the business, so he wasn't arrested.

But, Rauscher remains the number one suspect in the case.

It's not the first time Rauscher's reportedly been in trouble with the law.

Fast forward to this week, Chris didn't show up for a follow up interview at the police department.

"We found out Chris had not been at work Thursday, and he actually left work Wednesday at noon and never came back," said Robin Layne-Ashli's Mother. "So, I called his boss and they found Ashli's car at Walmart in Dexter."

Police say Chris Rauscher is driving a stolen car from where he worked at Allen Christian in Dexter.

Ashli and Maddie's family started worrying about them when Ashli didn't respond to phone calls and texts, especially messages from her younger brother Sammy.

Sammy says his sister hasn't been on Facebook since Tuesday which is completely out of character.

"I want her to call, call collect," said Cora Gregory.

"How do you go on? You see people on TV, and think how do they go on? I don't know they're both my babies, and I don't think I can go on without them," said Layne.

No official word as to where the Rauscher's may be headed, although some family members say there's a possibility they may be in the Texas area.

As mentioned, Chris reportedly stole a car from the dealership he was working at.

The family may be in a 2010 Hyundai Sonata.

Police say it's gray in color, and had dealer plates D428FU.

If you see them, or the car contact Dexter Police or your local authorities.

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