Friday on The Breakfast Show

I-57 deadly crash - still from aerial video
I-57 deadly crash - still from aerial video
I-57 deadly crash - still from home video
I-57 deadly crash - still from home video

Good Morning
Today is Friday, July 16

This morning on The Breakfast Show we have big updates to tell you about regarding the deadly crash on I-57 Thursday afternoon. We will also be showing you new video of the crash as seen from a helicopter along with dramatic new home video of the fiery crash moments after it happened.

On The Breakfast Show today Jim and Lauren are talking about the movers and shakers in the nation's capitol - not the lawmakers - but a minor earthquake that hit the Washington, D.C. area overnight.

Also new this morning at 6 - a disturbing story about some local cheerleaders that were supposed to have a nice trip to St. Louis - but ended up fighting a nasty bed bug battle instead!

We have a very busy Friday Breakfast Show happening this morning - I hope you can check it out.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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