Man arrested for ramming scooter

By Jeff Cunningham
PADUCAH, Ky (KFVS) - A Paducah man was arrested after being accused of intentionally swerving his truck into a scooter. 
The Paducah Police department says 47 year old Paul Eugene Cornwell is facing charges of second-degree assault and first-degree wanton endangerment.
Police were called to the scene of an accident near South 6th and Caldwell streets Tuesday night. 
A witness told investigators a truck accelerated and swerved at the moped.  It was being ridden by two people.  One rider was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital.
Police say Cornwell was identified as the suspect.  Detectives say Cornwell later admitted to yelling at the riders of the moped and swerving his truck at them. 
Police say the incident is part of an ongoing dispute between Cornwell and one of the riders of the scooter.

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