Saline Co. woman charged with a 102 fake 911 calls

Molli Holcomb
Molli Holcomb

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - Making bogus 911 calls to police is no laughing matter.

Now a Saline County woman is finding out just how serious police take fake calls to an emergency call center.

It all started on the afternoon of July 7.  That's when calls started coming into the 911 call center in Saline County.  Major Todd Fort says the calls didn't stop for a while.

"All these phone calls a 102 of them was quiet a bit," Major Fort said.  "So you pretty much have one dispatcher tied up just handling all of those calls."

The only problem with the calls, Major Fort says they weren't legitimate.

"Call hang up, call hang up and then some were threatening to specific people and employees. And then the calls got pretty vulgar."

That's when police decided to put a stop to the calls.

The arrested 22-year-old Molli Holcomb later that evening.

"If you do that on a 911 line, it is a felony," Fort said.  "She was arrested that night on 102 separate counts of harassment and disorderly conduct."

But, as aggravating as the calls seemed to police they still had to handle them as if there was a real emergency on the other end of the line.

"Even if she is making harassing phone calls, we know she is making harassing phone calls. She can still have an emergency in that household. So when you call in and hang up like that someone is still coming," Fort said.

Molli Holcomb was taken to the Saline County Detention Center on $10,000 bond.

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