Man violently attacked inside his home and Miners hit the road in Marion

Good evening.   Imagine opening your door and being attacked with a baseball bat and a box cutter.   One local man experienced that first hand.   He says thieves targeted his home, attacked him to get inside and then stole his property.  Holly Brantley talks to the victim about his experience on Heartland News at 10p.m.

The festivities are in full swing at Rent One Ball park in Marion.   The folks with the Miners are gearing up for the all star game.   Arnold Wyrick followed some of the players as they went out into the community.   He'll let you know what they were doing.

Plus, a bill designed to keep a Ford plant in Missouri hits a new snag and it's called a filibuster.  We'll let you know who launched it and why.

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See you at ten.

Jeff Mulligan

Heartland News