Insta Peel: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

COBDEN, IL  (KFVS) - Makers of the $5 Insta Peel promise there's less mess when you peel vegetables. The peels go into a special container attached to the peeler, but Does it Work?

"It says it's great on cucumbers, potatoes and zucchini which we have a lot of around here," said Jeanne Brumleve.

She's not kidding. Jeanne Brumleve, her family and workers plant 55 acres of fresh produce on their farm in Cobden. During the summer, they sell it all at five local farmer's markets. So, she knows a thing or two about peeling vegetables...and lots of them.

"I do like how it collects peelings."

This $5 gadget promises you'll peel without the mess, thanks to this built-in chamber. We first try it on a large cucumber.

"You have to use just a little more force than a regular peeler."

To test that, we try it on a potato.

"This will be great to see if it can get around some of the curves better." can't. Jeanne says she'd use her regular peeler on smaller, rounded produce like potatoes. Now it's also time to dump the peels.

"The concept is nice."

You could easily dump the peels into a wastebasket or garbage disposal with less mess than normal. Once again, the Insta Peel does a good job on large produce like squash. However, as we continue, Jeanne notices the handle gets a little flimsy.

"The durability is still a concern."

For $5, we're betting there's a cheap blade you'll eventually have to replace.

"I'd give it a grade right in the middle. I'll keep my other peeler on standby."

The Insta Peel works, but for how long is still a mystery. It does create less mess, as promised. The $5 kitchen gadget peels back a satisfactory C+ on this Does it Work test.  Lauren bought Insta Peel at Dollar General in Benton, Missouri.

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