Study shows speeders in Carbondale neighborhood

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

CARBONDALE, IL - (KFVS) - Homeowners in one Carbondale neighborhood want drivers to slow down when traveling on their street.

The Carbondale Police Department recently conducted a study along a three block stretch of South Oakland Avenue. They targeted drivers in between West Mill Street and West Chautauqua Street.

The study ran for one week at the end of June.

"I haven't noticed any difference they still come through here fast," said Doug Smith.

The study showed that more than 45 percent of all drivers were going faster then the 30 mph posted speed limit.

"A little fast, people are in a hurry," Joyce Webb said.

"They're going to lunch or coming back to the office. Some mornings they're trying to get on campus, it gets fast sometimes."

Of the drivers monitored with a speed camera positioned alongside the road, more than 90 were traveling at more than 40 mph, five were going faster then 50 mph and one driver was clocked at more than 70 mph in the residential neighborhood.

"For one thing it makes it very dangerous for bicycle riders, this road is not set up for bike riders," Webb said.

"People don't go 30 miles an hour I know that and it's hard to back out of the driveway," Smith said.

But, on Monday that may all change, that's when Carbondale's police will be targeting those speeders on South Oakland Avenue.

"Thirty is fast enough to get anywhere in town," said Webb.

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