Offices Move by Order of the State

Offices Move by Order of the State
By: Ryan Tate

The license offices for Stoddard County prepare to move, and five employees prepare to find other work.

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, the offices will move from Bloomfield to Dexter July 1st. Representatives from the office tell Heartland News it will serve more customers in Dexter, because Dexter is seven times bigger than Bloomfield. But some in Bloomfield disagree, saying the move is political.

"Maybe some kinfolks of the governor involved. It has to be checked out," County Commissioner Frank Sifford said. The new fee agent, Susan Watkins, is a distant relation to Missouri Governor Bob Holden. The new offices are owned by Stephen Holden, a cousin to the Governor.

"Just the fact that she has a bi-marriage relationship with me and I have a distant cousin relationship with the Governor, didn't really have anything to do with it," S. Holden said.
Watkins is a teacher in Dexter right now. The position is a "patronage" position, meaning it doesn't fall under the state's nepotism laws.