Heartland School District Plans Dress Code




Heartland School District Plans Dress Code
By CJ Cassidy

(Hayti, MO)--Hayti School Administrators plan on enforcing a brand new look for the R-II School District. They will introduce a stricter dress code starting next school year for all students from kindergarten through Grade 12.

Hayti High School Principal Jeff Tucker hopes enforcing stricter dress codes will bring about more than just a sharper image. "It's going to improve grades, improve attendance, improve test scores. We have studies that can back all this up," Tucker said.

Hayti's new dress code means no more baggy jeans, or sleeveless tops. Students will have to wear solid colored pants and shirts. That means no shorts, no flip-flops, no exceptions.

And many high school students aren't thrilled with the plan. They argue this is the time for them to experiment and find their own style. "It takes away from our individuality," sixteen year old Junior Samantha Rawls said.

But Principal Tucker says it's a look students can and should learn to get used to. "If you're out of high school and get a job they're going to require you sometimes to wear certain kinds of tops or certain kinds of bottoms," he said.

Rawls says while it'll be a lot less colorful... a stricter dress code would certainly help keep them more focused in class.  "It will bring us together and make everybody same keep people from getting teased," she said.