Afternoon update: Person of interest in abduction dies, asphalt spill

Crews clean up an asphalt spill in Charleston.
Crews clean up an asphalt spill in Charleston.

The person of interest in the kidnapping case of a four-year-old girl has died after he shot himself as authorities approached him last night in Lincoln County, Missouri.

Crews have been cleaning up about 3,500 gallons of liquid asphalt that spilled at a Missouri Department of Transportation facility in Charleston.  Tyler Profilet tells us about the clean up.

A southern Illinois high school teacher faces sex charges for allegedly fondling one of her students.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is in Cairo today to sign legislation to hopefully bring more business to the river town.

Social service providers in southern Illinois face a one, two punch.  First Senate Republicans blocked a measure to extend jobless benefits.  Then, Gov. Quinn made deep cuts to social service agencies.  Julia Bruck tells us how at one agency in Harrisburg both those blows has made it difficult to meet the increased need.

Illinois is taking steps to make sure women who have rape kits done actually get the results.  There remain at least 4000 untested rape kits stored away in police departments throughout the state, according to Human Rights Watch.  Carly O'Keefe explains how a new law just signed by the governor will change that.

A special meeting about possible plans to bring a casino to Cape Girardeau is tonight.  The study session gets underway at the Osage Centre.  *Weather permitting, we will stream the entire meeting on*