Thursday morning on The Breakfast Show

Thank you for watching The Breakfast Show!
Thank you for watching The Breakfast Show!

Good Morning
Today is Thursday, July 8

Were you lucky enough to be under one of the rain showers yesterday? For the first time in many days my yard finally got some help form Mother Nature - and today many of you may also be in luck. Brian is working on his forecast for the day ahead right now. And as always you can check out his morning blog for more details.

This morning on The Breakfast Show we have new information about the abduction of a 4-year-old Missouri girl and what happened when police tried to approach a man they call a person of interest.

On The Breakfast Show this morning we also have new information about the Illinois governor making a stop in Cairo later today. Word is he's visiting to help boost the area's economic development... we'll see what people in town think.

Also in Illinois - get ready to take advantage of new state tax holidays! Watch on-air or on-line this morning at 6 to see when you can take advantage of this program.

And with times being tight - maybe you're feeling a bit burnt-out at work. Well don't quit - watch this morning around 6:15 for some pretty good tips to avoiding or at least working through job burnout.

Maybe you're getting burned-out on the Cardinals? Check out Todd's sportscast this morning at 5:55 and you'll know why!

Lauren will also be talking about an important meeting tonight. It's a good bet there will be hundreds of people that pack the Osage Center tonight. We should finally see and hear some plans from investors willing to gamble on bringing a casino to Cape Girardeau.

So this morning turn on The Breakfast Show, don't touch that dial (wow - am I that old?) - or put the remote down - and get another cup of coffee and spend some time with Lauren and Brian. Thank you for choosing to watch each morning.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
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