Road Closed to Sightseers During Repairs




Road Closed to Sightseers During Repairs
By: Kate Scott

(Pulaksi Co., IL)--Clean-up continues in Pulaski County a week after an F-4 tornado made a big mess.

But county officials are now having to shut some folks out, just so they can get down to business.  "

There has been a lot of sightseer traffic, and just a lot of general traffic," says ESDA Director Ken Kerley.  "So we have been worried about the safety of the crews. Even with flag men out and squad cars out, we've had a lot of problems with speeding traffic."

The Pulaski County Board and County Highway Superintendent finally had to put a stop to the sightseeing on Tuesday.  That's after a week's worth of curious cruisers kept trickling down Tick Ridge Road near the town of Grand Chain, in order to take a peek at damaged homes.  With all that traffic slowing down clean-up efforts, Kerley says Tick Ridge Road had to be closed.  "There's a zero tolerance policy," Kerley says.  "If you don't have relatives out here, if you don't live out here, and if you don't have direct business out here, you're not being allowed out here."

That policy, Kerley says should allow clean-up crews to get on the road with heavy equipment, without getting in the way. There's still a lot of debris to clear and cut away from the roadside, including a tangled mess of limbs and leaves. And Kerley says the sooner that gets done, the better it will be for everyone. "The residents in the area have been really receptive and have been very appreciative about it."

Parts of Tick Ridge Road will be closed again on Wednesday, while that clean-up continues.