Free Legal Advice Offered to Missouri Storm Victims




Free Legal Advice Offered to Missouri Storm Victims
By: Amy Jacquin

As residents try to rebuild their homes and businesses, many talk to insurance agents and contractors.
But what about lawyers? One American Red Cross leader in Southeast Missouri says it's something you should consider. Storm victims should start by asking themselves, "What am I truly responsible for?" Getting everything back the way it was is often first and foremost on their minds. But are they moving too fast?
"People wind up taking the settlement and find out that it comes no were near what they need to repair their house," explains Ron MacCubbin of the Red Cross.

He's concerned many victims already accepted insurance checks, and begun to rebuild. He's afraid they'll come up short when it comes time to getting all the work done.

"Before you sign off off on these checks at least have a contractor to come in and get an estimate so you have some kind of dollar figure to work off of," adds MacCubbin. "When your talking to your insurance company because the adjuster works for the insurance company not for you".

Attorney Dick Steele agrees. He says many of the victims are not thinking about getting scammed in their time of need. "You always want to now who your general contractor is," Steele says. "See who those subs running around here. Who is that electrician, who's that plummer? Who's that delivering shingles? And get waivers from those people before you pay the contractor." Also, get any guarantees in writing.

The Missouri Bar Association has actually set-up a Spring Storm Legal Assistance Project. Storm victims in the Show-Me state can get free legal advice by calling 1-800-829-4128.