YourTurn - 7/9/10

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Leo Schott from Oran, Missouri:
"I love to watch the KFVS12 news team and CBS News is one of the best on television…I hear comments that you have to sit with your remote in hand because when commercials come on it nearly breaks your ear drums and this has only happened in the last few months…if I am right would someone else also please complain."
Heartland viewer Bobby Eldridge:
"We would like to see more local entertainment of all kinds get (television) exposure…within a 50 mile radius of KFVS12 there are probably hundreds of persons with talent worthy of being seen on the (station)…how often did we get a chance to see Sheryl Crow sing in or around Kennett…please give Brian Fisk an opportunity to (be on KFVS12) before he is too popular…and writes that song which puts him on the top of the charts…we know KFVS12 takes pride in home grown talent just as we do."
Heartland viewer Regina Ivie:
"Cairo needs to be called the Lost City of Cairo. It seems that every time the news is on it is something about Cairo…sounds to me the Mayor needs to take a step back and look at the town and fix it or shut it down."

Heartland viewer Rachel Merriweather:
"It makes me sick to my stomach how everybody is blaming President Obama for BP's mess…put the blame where it needs to be at the people responsible for the spill, BP."

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