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4-year-old Alisa Maier was found alive overnight
4-year-old Alisa Maier was found alive overnight
Lauren is putting the Bark Off to the Does it Work test this morning
Lauren is putting the Bark Off to the Does it Work test this morning

Good Morning
Today is Wednesday, July 7

This morning we're all waking-up to great news. The little 4-year-old Missouri girl that had been missing since Monday night has been found alive. According to the latest reports we have coming in to the newsroom, Alisa Maier was found alive and well wandering around a car wash in Fenton. Look for much more on this story on-line and this morning on The Breakfast Show.

Also new this morning - for anyone who either didn't stay up late enough or doesn't watch Cardinal baseball, take a look at this story. I almost guarantee your friends and coworkers will be talking about it today. Somehow St. Louis lost after going into the bottom of the 9th inning with a 6 run lead.

And looking ahead - it's going to be a busy news day here in the Heartland. Both Missouri governor and lieutenant governor are scheduled to be in Cape Girardeau for separate events. Governor Nixon will be speaking at the grand opening for the SEMO Autism Center this morning at 11. Then, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder will be at the federal courthouse in Cape Girardeau to file a lawsuit against the national health care bill. Kinder claims the government cannot require people have health insurance, or to force states to carry out the new law without reimbursing them for costs.

Speaking of politics - today is also the last day for you to register to vote in the August Missouri primaries. Not sure how to do this - check out this link to find your county clerk and give them a call.

And in November - people in Cape Girardeau should have the chance to vote again to show or not show support for a casino in town. The group pushing for a new vote will turn in the rest of their petitions today. Once certified the question would be put on the November ballot.

I hope you vote to watch Jim, Lauren and Brian each morning on The Breakfast Show - otherwise we're barking up the wrong tree! Which brings me to Lauren's Does it Work test this morning. On The Breakfast Show she is putting Bark Off to the test. Does a little $10 ultrasonic device really get your dog to stop barking so much? See the results around 6:15 this morning. Or if you can't just sit and wait – then no need to beg – check out the results on-line.

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