Bark Off: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

JACKSON, MO  (KFVS) - Makers of Bark Off say it'll stop your dog's barking almost immediately.

"It even works with your dog or dogs nearby," notes my tester, Julie Kiehne of Jackson.

Julie loves her dog, Jackson, but admits that affection would go further if he'd limit the yelps. So, we flip the switch and try it outside first. The directions say it'll work up to 20 feet away.

However, that didn't work for us immediately. The directions say this should work instantly for most dogs, but in some cases, it could be a few weeks to adjust. Meantime, we also notice humans aren't supposed to hear this high-pitch sound, but we can hear the squealing.

"It's definitely high-pitched."

That can't sound good to a dog's sensitive ears. That said, you'd think this might work. So, next, we move indoors where there's a little less commotion. However, when we ring the doorbell with Bark Off turned on, Jackson barks as normal.

"I hope it works. he's just got a bad habit of barking. it's in his breed"

In fact, Julie had Bark Off turned on for a whole weekend. After a little bit of time, she noticed Jackson barked a little less but it did not stop him completely, as the product promised. Still, she's somewhat satisfied, but to further test, she gave it to her friend Shanna Wilson to see how other dogs would react.

"My dogs bark all of the time,"said Shanna.

She used Bark Off for nine days and found this.

"It definitely decreased the barking, but whenever the kids would throw a fit or get loud, it seemed to set off the Bark Off machine."

The side effects were less than desirable.

"When the kids set off Bark Off, it must have turned up its frequency and the dogs would then go potty inside the house! They'd go to the same spot and pee a lot. So, it's just not going to work here, although it did decrease the barking."

Shanna says this may work best in households without small children, where there's less noise usually. Both friends agree for only ten bucks it's worth a try, but know it's probably not going to work in every house.

"I'd say a grade 'C."

So, it shows some promise but in the end it seems a dog is always going to do what it's supposed to do...bark. Bark Off earns a satisfactory grade "C" on this Does it Work test.

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