Busy holiday weekend for Heartland fire crews

By Holly Brantley

(KFVS) - Fire crews warn dry conditions could easily spark more fires.

"We've had to fight several field fires in Scott County," said Sheriff Rick Walter. "We want everyone to make sure they keep water nearby. With the dry conditions it doesn't take much to light up a field."

"A match, an old bottle rocket, or even a cigarette could start something in dry conditions like these," said Terry Lufcy of the New Hamburg, Benton, and Commerce Fire District.

Besides several field fires in Scott County, at least half a dozen have also been a problem for crews in Kennett and other areas.

"Any fire, I don't care how small it is call the department and use common sense," said Sheriff Walter. "Call the fire department and have them take care of it when it's small because it could easily move on to a house or something else."

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