Large storage building fire in Kennett

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - The Kennett Fire Department has been busy this Fourth of July weekend.  Just after 9 P.M.  Fire crews responded to a large warehouse-storage building fire at the intersection of Washington and Frisco, Saturday.  When firefighters arrived, the building was showing flames and lots of smoke.

Firefighters say the fire appears to have originated in the upper portion of the two story building and that it may have started along the flat roof. The building, owned by Jerry Neighbors, of Kennett, is a total loss.

While the firefighters were investigating the fire, they found firework debris near the building, but they don't know at this time if fireworks are to blame for this fire.  What started the fire is unknown at this time, but the Kennett Fire Department and the Kennett Police Department will continue to investigate the cause of this blaze

Firefighters were on the scene of the fire until 2 A.M., and have had to respond to six grass fires that may have been sparked by fireworks this holiday weekend.

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