Illinois Governor Tours Tornado Damage

Illinois Governor Tours Tornado Damage
By: Wes Wallace

(Massac Co., IL)--As Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich walked through tornado stricken parts of Massac County, a lot of storm victims welcomed the sight.
It's been six days since an F-4 twister hit Southern Illinois, and many folks were starting to wonder if their state leader would come view the destruction. "Everybody's been saying, are you mad at him for not coming, but I know it's a long process, this cleaning up, so I know when he gets here, he'll have to do the right thing," said Tim Beck.
Like others in the Hillerman community, Beck's home was completely destroyed; however, his house was lifted by the tornado, pushed back more than 300 yards, and dropped into a lake. His son Travis doesn't like to talk about what happened...the storm left him with a broken arm and leg. While Travis's injuries will probably heal faster than the community that was ripped apart, some of the storm victims are looking for comfort in the form of financial relief.
The Illinois Governor declared Alexander, Massac, Pope, and Pulaski Counties State Disaster Areas, along with several others in the northern and central part of the state. Now it's up to FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess the damage and see if any federal financial help is possible. Blagojevich also promised that he'd make any necessary state funds available to the storm victims.