Poplar Bluff resident struggles with neighbor's trash

By Tyler Profilet

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Mary Turner has lived at her home on north 11th Street in Poplar Bluff for more than 20 years.

She says she's never seen a neighbor collect trash like this before.

"It started out kind of slow, then gradually, every other day trash and other things were coming and being piled up," Tuner said.

Turner says she wants to be a good neighbor and doesn't want to get involved in her neighbor's business, but says the trash is now her problem, as it's beginning to attract rodents, and the smell keeps her kids from playing in the yard.

"The smell in the summertime, it comes up through our vents in the house," she said.  "Rats, roaches, ants, all that kind of stuff. We try to put deodorant down in the vents to try to smother out the smell. It's hard for us to even open up our front door or windows because this is what you look out and see."

So Turner turned to the Poplar Bluff Police Code Enforcement Division for help.

Code Enforcement officers say the homeowners have appeared in court for their trash problem, but that doesn't seem to have helped clean up the mess.

Officers say every house in the city must maintain a trash service.  If not, they will first receive a written warning, followed by a court appearance.

A judge can issue a fine ranging from $50-$300.

If the trash is not cleaned up after the fine, the judge may then hand out jail time.

Turner says she's not asking that every piece of trash be picked up, but would like to see the situation under control soon.

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