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Dennis Long from Poplar Bluff, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on the Supreme Court ruling on the Miranda law) all the suspect has to say is ‘I want an attorney' and the questioning stops…the Supreme Court wisely held in favor of law and order against minor points that lawyers can use to get a guilty person off."
Jack Deckard from Perryville, Missouri:
"Every day we hear about schools and government making cuts by eliminating jobs and benefits. It always seems that the people making the sacrifices are the people that can least afford it. Why do we never hear about school superintendents, the governor and others in upper management giving up some of their high salaries to help balance the budget?"
D.E. Westermann from Cape Girardeau:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on new strip club laws) If the (law) is a moral objection they might want to read the Bible. ‘Let they who are without sin cast the first stone'…people complain about too much government and now they want to add more. If they object to nudity, don't look!"

Larry McMillin from Kennett, Missouri:
"I find it disturbing that the current administration has not taken a more aggressive approach to the oil spill crisis…we can put a man on the moon but we can't go down to the bottom of the ocean to stop a defective oil well from poisoning our ocean waters?"

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