Storms Impact Mother's Day

Whether it's taking Mom out for lunch or treating her to a shopping expedition, some families celebrate Mother's Day in many different ways. However, some folks in the Heartland aren't able to spend the day like they usually do on the second Sunday in May. After last week's strong storms and severe weather, a lot of people are still cleaning up and trying to put their lives back together. In Pulaski County, David and Martha Anderson stand in front of what's left of their home. "We're just lucky to be alive," says David. "We're probably going to spend this Mother's Day looking for a trailer or somewhere to stay while we rebuild," adds his wife Martha. They both agree their four children have been helpful in getting through this rough patch, and say they've been like little mothers. Looking through the debris near their home, the couple found a do-it-yourself-home-repair book. It's not exactly a typical Mother's Day gift, but it almost seems appropriate considering the last few days.