Volunteers Lend Helping Hand

Four days after tornadoes wreck havoc in the Heartland, hundreds of volunteers reach out and lend a helping hand to many of the storm victims. In Massac County, those wanted to help met at 10:00 on Saturday to spread out and blanket the region for cleaning up all the destruction left behind. In one of the hardest hit areas, the Hillerman community, more than 25 volunteers gathered at Loren Crockett's house. A lot of those helping out were friends, relatives, and neighbors...but several others were complete strangers. Madge Camp lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and was visiting relatives in Massac County , so she decided to put on some gloves and start picking up the debris at the Crockett's. "I just like helping, " says Camp, "but it breaks my heart to see all this destruction." Loren Crockett has lived for 31 years at his house in Hillerman, but says Tuesday night was the first time he and his wife went to the basement during a storm. Since the house is almost a total loss, Crockett and the volunteers are picking up what they can salvage and burning the rest.