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Honeywell union members picket outside the Metropolis plant Monday night
Honeywell union members picket outside the Metropolis plant Monday night

Good Morning
Today is Tuesday, July 29

Great news from the StormTeam this morning as Brian says cooler air is moving in. Be sure to take a look at his morning blog each day for great detailed information on the day's forecast.

Late breaking this morning - investigators with the Stoddard County sheriff's department are investigating an overnight homicide in Bernie. We'll have new video and more information throughout the morning.

This morning we're learning more about a union worker lock-out at the Metropolis Honeywell plant that involves more than 200 local workers. According to the company the local steelworkers union and Honeywell could not come to an agreement on contracts.

On The Breakfast Show today we're also telling you about a new earthquake study that shows what might happen if a 7.0 magnitude quake hits the Heartland or surrounding area. See the story shortly after 6 a.m.

Thank you for checking in with The Breakfast Show today - we really appreciate you taking the time to watch.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
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