Cleanup Continues in Heartland County




Cleanup Continues in Heartland County
By: Ryan Tate

(Massac Co., IL)--Clean-up efforts continue in Massac County following Tuesday's deadly storm, but so far the county is not getting help from the state.

As of Friday afternoon, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich had not declared the state a disaster area. Until that happens, the area cannot receive federal assistance.

But the county is a disaster according to the Massac County Board. So far, 117 homes are destroyed, with 20 percent of the county left to assess. According to the Massac County Director of Emergency Services, O. D. Troutman, this is the worst storm to hit the county in more than 60 years.

He expects road crews to be out clearing roads of trees and debris for the next two weeks. After that, the crews will pick up the trash and destroyed personal items of people effected by the storm.