Cape Girardeau group works to help Haitian orphans

By Holly Brantley - email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - When Cape Girardeau volunteers look into the faces of Haitian orphans they see potential for change.

"They look at you and they sing to you and they just look at you with hope," said Skip Wrape.

Wrape just returned from Haiti over the weekend.  It was an important trip for the not-for-profit group out of poverty through education.  They're preparing for construction on a new school in Thomassique, Haiti.  Thomassique is in the country, far from the major destruction, but still not immune to the effects of the earthquake.

He says he knows the children there know the volunteers from the Heartland are there to help.

"I think they're anxious," said Wrape. "They want to see something come about. We've got more kids that have come in that have lost parents because of the quake."

Now, the kids go to school under trees or in conditions that would shock most Americans.

"Some days they just wait to see if they will get some food," said Wrape.

Wrape says it's important to point out these conditions existed long before the massive earthquake.  Wrape took a picture last week where tent cities still exist.  He fears what would happen if Haitians found themselves in the path of a major Hurricane.

Still, they move forward.  He says what matters most is giving the kids an opportunity for a better future.

"They could run a business," said Wrape.  "They could help another child.  Haiti needs a future."

They hope to start construction in November and could start classes in the Spring.

They still need about $50,000 to finish the project. If you want to help go to

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