Murphysboro biz burglarized right before grand opening

By Arnold Wyrick

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - A Murphysboro business is burglarized just days before its grand opening.

"It kind of makes a person heartbroken, just still can't believe it", said Lajail Berry- Co-Owner.

The business sign wasn't yet hung on Jayan's Classic Cuts and Salon.

Sometime early Sunday morning someone smashed out the front door glass and helped themselves to what ever they wanted.

"They took computer equipment. They took a lot of the merchandise the high profile shoes like the Jordans name brand clothing. A little money in the barber shop, and the fitted caps the young kids like wearing," said Berry.

Who tossed the brick through the front door is still unknown.

The mark it left on the floor is clear to see, and the thieves left a permanent mark on the owners.

"You try to bring something to the community, I mean it's disrespectful for somebody to come in here and do that. It's no reason to do that. Somebody trying to pick up what we got going on, and we don't have much in here anyway," said Tumili Dunklin-Co-Owner.

The two men were planning on a July 1, 2010 grand opening.

They had just started letting in some potential customers in the past couple of weeks. Now they fear one or more of them maybe a suspect.

"I believe they had to know for them to go cut the wires in the back they had to be casing this place for a week. To learn the rotation of our business. They probably have even been up in here," said Berry.

The theft is a blow to their plans, but both men say they aren't walking away from their dreams of being in business.

If you have any information about the burglary, contact the Murphysboro Police Department.

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