UT-Martin students to see tuition increase for fall 2010 semester

By Heartland News

MARTIN, TN (KFVS) - Students at the University of Tennessee-Martin will see an in-state increase in tuition for the fall semester.

Officials say the increase will amount to a nine percent increase over last semester.

The Board of Trustee's approved the increase on Thursday in Knoxville.

In-state undergraduate students can expect to pay an additional $210 per semester or $3,095 per-semester to attend UT Martin.  Those out-of-state will now pay an additional nine percent, $722 or a total cost of $9,300 per-semester.

"This increase will enable UT Martin to sustain a high level of academic excellence and personalized student services," said Dr. Tom Rakes, UT Martin chancellor, "while still holding tuition levels well below other states."

Tuition and fees will increase $253 for instate graduate students at UT-Martin for a total cost of $3,582 per semester starting this fall.  Total cost for out-of-state graduate students will increase $765 to $9,787 per-semester.

Other actions involving UT Martin that were approved included:

•A two-year pilot regional tuition rate for undergraduate students who meet current admissions standards but reside in three Mississippi counties contiguous to the state. This regional rate would include all in-state charges plus an additional 25 percent out-of-state differential for eligible students from Alcorn, Tippah and Tishomingo counties. The regional tuition rate will begin fall 2010. Since 1998, UT Martin has administered the UT Martin McNairy County Center/Selmer, which serves McNairy County and the Southwest Tennessee area bordering Mississippi.

•The naming of the alumni center as the Nick and Cathy Dunagan Alumni Center in honor of the Dunagans, both UT Martin alumni. He is chancellor emeritus and she is the university's former first lady.

•The naming of the Kelly Murray Investment Management Room in the Business Administration Building; the Steven E. Rogers Media Center in the Paul Meek Library; the Kathleen Elam Multipurpose Room in the Bob Carroll Football Building; the Houston Gordon Museum in the Paul Meek Library; and the Dorotha Norton Classroom in Gooch Hall.

•A $3.3 million campus lighting upgrade.

•A $20 special course fee/academic enrichment fee for Department of Agriculture, Geosciences and Natural Resources classes that is estimated to generate $34,860 annually to be used for experiential learning.

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