Jackson Fire and PD Clean House




Jackson Fire and PD Clean House
By: Susan Stiegman

(Jackson, MO)--As residents pick up debris and assess damage, city officials try to do some housecleaning of their own.

The fire and police departments, which are housed in the same building, were hit especially hard by Tuesday night's tornado..so hard that they're moving to a new location.

Jackson Police Chief James Humphreys says the cleanup process is underway at the emergency headquarters. He says service has never stopped and won't stop. "Thanks to Sherrif John Jordon and his old police department, that's where we're moving," he adds.

Jackson's emergency headquarters, which houses the police and fire departments, was the only city building severely damaged by tuesday night's tornado.

Windows shattered..part of the roof blown away, and debris, everywhere. but, the storm left some important areas, and things, untouched.

"Our records, fortunately, were stored in areas that were untouched. Our computers where other records are stored are good. everything is safe," says Humphreys.

The departments' cleanup efforts here are extensive -- some so massive, they required a crane.

But as Jackson's police and fire crews clean up and move into their new, but temporary homes, they say one thing won't change: their priority of putting residents first.

"Our priorities right now are that we remain available for all of our citizens," says Jackson Fire Chief Brad Golden. "We're working very closely with other departments to make sure everyone's services are restored as soon as possible. We're also sending investigators out with federal emergency management agency representatives to survey the damage."