iPhone 4 comes with complaints

By Heartland News

(KFVS) - iPhone faithful lined up all across the country Thursday for Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 4 release.

Eager customers lined up early at stores with many camping out for days.

Apple says the newest model is thinner with a better resolution screen and a longer battery life.  It also has about one hundred new features.

However, even though thousands have lined to pick up the phone, critics say the newest version has some big blemishes.

The iPhone is arguably the most popular smart phone on the market.

Even though Apple has seen record sales, there are some complaints.

Some iPhone users report the phone loses reception when you hold it by the antenna band.

The new iPhone has a five megapixel camera, while some competitors boast an eight or 12 megapixel camera.

There is no Swype software with the new phone which helps reduce errors when typing.

The new iPhone boasts video calling, but only with someone else who has the iPhone 4 and you must use wi-fi.

With all the demand, there is a limited supply of the new phone which could cause delays and sellouts.

Apple has an exclusive partnership with AT&T and a Verizon iPhone may not happen until next year.

If you have an older iPhone, you can upgrade to the newest operating system without getting a new phone.  While it won't be able to perform all the bells and whistles, it does offer updates.

While iPhone is available in Apple stores Thursday, AT&T will start selling them on Tuesday.

Have an old iPhone?  Consider selling your older model before buying a new one.  Several websites are offering cash for your used iPhone.

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