Growing Together: Single Parenting



Growing Together: Single Parenting
By: Wendy Ray

Parenting can be a challenge at times, but single parents have more responsibilities added into the mix.

We pick up our "Growing Together" series with single mom, Marsha Vowels-Edwards. Her children, ten year old Myles, and eight year old Morghan are very active. Going to their activities and constantly being on the run is common. Marsha's work schedule is packed too. She's always on the go with her job as a pharmaceutical representative. Things are busy for Marsha and her kids, but that's okay. They have friends who know exactly what they're going through.
Marsha and Tom Denmark have been dating for a year and a half. They're both single parents. Their children are their top priorities. Marsha and Tom say having each other is just an added bonus. "It's hard to date when you're a single parent anyway because you just don't have a lot of extra time," Marsha says. "Our dating is really family dating."
It's rarely just the two of them. Marsha's children Myles and Morghan, and Tom's son ten year old Michael are always around. His 15-year-old daughter Christina visits often. We caught up with everyone when it was Tom's turn to cook dinner at his house. Things definitely stay busy. All the kids are active in sports. "We've gone from basketball to soccer," Marsha says. "We're finishing up regular soccer, now we're in all star soccer and we've started baseball practice."
The kids have formed friendships with each other. "We watch games, we go to church, we play games, we barbecue," Morghan says. Myles says, "I get to play with Michael and my sister. Sometimes we get to bring games along, so it's pretty fun." Michael says, "Sometimes we make movies and we just play games and watch television together."
Marsha and Tom admit things just keep getting busier, but they help each other balance out the hectic lifestyle. "We both have times that there are things going on with our children and we can share that and bounce off ideas, but we're also there for each other to help each other," Marsha says. "The kids get along good and we have fun," Tom says. "They have their moments, but it's terrific."

Even though school is wrapping up, doesn't mean things will slow down. Now the focus is on picking summer programs and camps for Myles, Morghan, and Michael.