Afternoon update: Elderly man held hostage in home

An elderly Cape Girardeau man speaks out after he was held hostage in his own home.  Holly Brantley talks to him and the suspect's wife about the incident.

A Jackson man is among three bail bondsmen taken into custody after being accused of spraying pepper spray in a man's eyes and on his genitals.

Two-year-old twin girls who died in a hot car last week in Portageville were laid to rest today.

Three people from Paducah face charges after a recent burglary.  Investigators say the three sold property stolen from a home last week that includes 3 TVs, desktop and laptop computers, digital camera, and other personal items.

Many turned out to see Governor Quinn give an economic boost to the Heartland, instead they'll have to wait another day.  Bad weather kept the Illinois governor from traveling to Marion today to sign the STAR Bonds bill.

Sizzling temperatures and several days with a heat advisory have not stopped outdoor workers from doing their jobs.  Laura Wibbenmeyer measures the temperature on a hot roof while a roofing company works.

Temperatures in the upper 90s and just traces of rain for the entire month of June has corn farmers in Stoddard County sweating.  Tyler Profilet tells us how much corn farmers stand to lose because of the heat.

Many of us like to wash our cars at home, paying attention to every detail so we can get that true shine. Wouldn't it be nice to have the pressure of a car wash hose at home? Now you can, supposedly, with the Wash 'n' Rinse spray gun.  Lauren Keith tells us in tonight's Does it Work.

Bob Reeves says we'll get a cold front come in lowering temperatures to the lower 90s tomorrow.