Students Move School Instead of Going to School

Students Move School Instead of Going to School
By: Mike Shain

(Jackson, MO)--Students came to school carrying boxes not books. Boxes to pack up what was left behind by the tornado that ripped through Jackson Tuesday night. One of the first places the storm struck was Immaculate Conception Elementary School.

One of the campuses two buildings was damaged and the other left a roofless wreck that will probably have to be demolished.

Fortunately, the least damaged is a new building dedicated last year. It is school for 130 students in grades kindergarten through third grade. The older building, dating to around 1940, had classrooms for 120 in grades four through eight.

Students, parents and teachers boxed books and loaded desks and furniture into a truck. They waded water and walked on broken glass to salvage school supplies and equipment.

Principal Tami Nenninger looked at the damage and said, "We dedicated a new building last year and now we'll be tearing down a building next year.

School is off the rest of the week while the parish decides where to put students to finish what'.s left of the school year.

Most of the kids treated the day after the tornado like a play day as they pitched in to help swith the clean-up.

But they know what they've lost. Asked what she thought when she saw her school, she said "Mad."