Wash 'n' Rinse Spray Gun: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

Cobden, IL  (KFVS) - Many of us like to wash our cars at home, paying attention to every detail so we can that true shine. Wouldn't it be nice to have the pressure of a car wash hose at home? Now you can, supposedly, with the Wash 'n' Rinse spray gun.

At first, Dana McGuire isn't impressed with the spray gun just yet. He says the regular nozzle puts out about as much pressure as simply plugging your thumb over the nozzle. This gadget does save one step.

You fill this with soap and then spray it all over your car. No need for a soapy sponge.

"It was fairly good."

Dana's opinion improves once he attaches the fire hose nozzle.

"That's providing more than that one did," said Dana.

In fact, this attachment easily took some bugs off the grill of his truck In no time at all, our fun comes to an end.

"It's broke. It's completely broke."

My photographer simply stepped on the hose, which then broke the regular attachment into two pieces!

"It didn't take too much pressure at all and it broke."

Just think how quickly this would break on concrete? We're on grass here.

"The plastic is kind of cheap."

The makers say this is a $40 value. We think not. Dana and I would pay five to ten bucks for the fire hose attachment, which puts out a good stream of water and pressure, but the gun itself isn't worth the $20 I paid for it.

"I'd say a 'C'."

So, if you're really careful, this product might hold up for you, but it seems to be a little overpriced when you compare its output to a regular hose. The $20 Wash 'n' Rinse Spray Gun shoots an average 'C' on this Does it Work test.   I got the device at Target.

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