Help for Storm Victims




Help for Storm Victims
By: Wendy Ray

American Red Cross crews spring into action, at the first sign of disaster.

Tuesday night, workers were on the scene before mother nature was finished ripping through the Heartland.
In Jackson, the Red Cross has set up shop to help people affected by the tornado, get their lives back together. The county administration building is now a recovery station. Workers there ask storm victims what they've lost, and give them help on replacing what's gone.
The Red Cross set up a shelter Tuesday night at Immaculate Conception Church. A few people found shelter there. Even though it was empty Wednesday afternoon, the Red Cross expects more Wednesday night. Workers and volunteers are also there to provide food and drinks for people picking up, what was left behind.
If you live in Missouri and need help, you can call the Red Cross at 573-335-9471.

If you're in Illinois, call 618-988-1147.

And in southern Illinois, the Red Cross is set up in the Family Life Center at First Baptist Church in Metropolis to help storm victims there.