Volunteers check to make sure seniors stay cool

By Tyler Profilet - bio | email

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Joe Williams delivers Meals on Wheels to more than 50 senior citizens in Poplar Bluff every day.

But in the summer heat, he has another responsibility: making sure his clients stay cool.

"When their door opens up, if we don't feel any cool air coming out, we check on the air conditioning and make sure it's set at a cool temperature and that it's working properly," he said.

Williams says it's important for volunteers like him to make sure they check the temperature in the house because many of his clients don't have any other visitors throughout the day.

He says if he comes to a house without a fan or air conditioning, he will bring one to the house, or make sure someone else is checking on them soon.

"I'll ask them if they have called a relative or something like that to check on them," he said.  "Usually they say they have made a phone call to say someone will be there that day to check it out."

Roger Hogg with the Northside Nutrition Center says volunteers are coming across more cases in which elderly people won't have a fan or air conditioning because of rising cost of prescription drugs, and he says having volunteers like Williams could help save a life.

"If it was your mom or dad, or my parents, and you weren't able to check on them every day, what a wonderful thing it is to have these guys making sure they are there," said Hogg.

If you have a family member in Poplar Bluff over 60 in need of meals and someone to check on them to make sure they're beating the heat, call the Northside Nutrition Center.

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