Growing Together: Raising Grade School Children




Growing Together: Raising Grade School Children
By: Wendy Ray

Our continuing health series "Growing Together" goes one step further in the growing process with the Hagedorn family.

Rick and Kim Hagedorn have a full house. One that gets more hectic as the kids get older. Mark, who's the oldest, is 11 now. Megan's nine, and Blake's seven. Diapers aren't an issue anymore, getting everyone to where they need to be is the big deal! It's been three months since the last time we've talked to them, and they're still busy.

Megan Hagedorn loves to tumble. She's at the gym three hours a night, three times a week getting ready for nationals. "It's one of the harder competitions, they judge you harder," Megan says. It's also out of town which means Megan's mom, Kim, will take her there. "Actually during the summer, I find I do more running than anything," Kim says.

Running is right. We caught up with Kim and her children at the gym, but we weren't there for long. After only a few minutes, it was off to the soccer field for Mark's scrimmage. He's also on a team that has to travel. He appreciates everything his mom does. "It's hard for her to take everybody around to different sports," Mark says.

And then there's Blake. He also plays sports. "Baseball and basketball," Blake says. This, is all on top of Kim and her husband Rick working full time jobs. Kim, a school nurse, works part time at the hospital during the summer. "Sometimes I have to work at night , so I get them to their destination at 5:00 or 5:30 then dad or grandma get there, and I leave," Kim says.

Rick credits his wife for keeping everything in order. He says running everywhere is just part of the growing process. "To see them from the time when they were little, playing soccer, baseball, and Megan with gymnastics, and see them excel through the years is pretty neat," Rick says.